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Check raise

The check raise is a powerful weapon in Best online poker game. When you check with the intention of raising when your opponent places a bet, you make a check raise. The check raise can be used as a bluff if you suspect your opponent of making a standard continuation bet. Then try to bluff him out. Also, the check raise can be used to get more money in the pot if you think you have the best hand. This way you can win more chips from your opponent. Well, you instantly show that you have a good hand, something that you may not want in a situation where this really is the case.

Continuation bet

A continuation bet is a standard bet that you make after the flop if you have made the flop. The idea behind this is that (if you are in the pot with few players) your opponents will often miss the flop. Because you have shown to the flop that you have a good hand, you will often be able to pick up the pot. Even if you do not have a whistle whistle and have a worthless hand, you still win the pot.

When making a good continuation bet, you must take into account the correct size of the bet and your opponents. A good continuation bet is often between 35% and 70% of the pot. Big enough to scare opponents who have not handed yet but not too big to avoid any unnecessary risk if an opponent has a monster. In addition, it is also important to properly assess your opponent. If it is very loose and often calt then it is not useful to make a standard continuation if you have not hit anything. However, this player will often go along and you will have to show the best hand if he stays on the turn and river.


A semi bluff is a bet that does not have the best hand at the moment but your hand still has the chance to get the best. Hereby, you combine the best of 2 worlds. Through your bet you can fold your opponent and you do not have to show your hand. If your opponent calls, you can always make the winning hand and still win the pot.

An example of a semi bluff is betting or raising on the turn when you have a flush draw. In fact, you do not have anything yet, but you can make a flush if the correct map comes on the river. So you can win the pot in 2 ways: fold your opponent or you will still win the winning hand. An additional advantage is that if your flush falls on the river, your hand is beautifully covered. Probably your opponent will not think you have a flush because you have made the turn. Cash desk!

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