Start Playing Roulette

If we are newbies in the Best Online Casino we can opt for roulette, which is a very fun game of chance and above all simple rules. Here’s what we need to know before starting to play roulette .

The first thing to know is that the roulette is managed by the croupier, the person in charge not only of managing it, but also of supervising the bets of the players and saying “no more” before making in the roulette the sphere that will spin until stop at a number of it.

The croupier is also the one who will indicate the winning number and color and proceed to withdraw the bets from the table to give his chips to the players who have made a success. Another detail is to know that in the casinos we will mainly find two types of roulette: European roulette and French roulette , the same ones that are only differentiated by the number of numbers.

System to win the roulette

Among the recommended betting systems to win at roulette is the Romanosky system. With this system seeks to minimize risks by covering a large number of possibilities with the bet, so we can make money with more security.

How does the Romanosky system work? In this system what we must do is bet on two dozen roulette a total of four chips and a single chip to in the dozens where no bets have been placed. In this way we would cover a total of twenty-eight numbers and if any of the numbers of the groups come out, we will not have won or lost.

It is important to indicate that the zero is not taken into account and that if it comes out we will not only lose our bet, but, we must suspend our plays until two dozen different, so we will have to start again with the system.

Success with the Romanosky system will be guaranteed to be lucky with the dozens.

Roulette games at 888casino

888casino is one of the most popular online gambling sites in the world, plus our investment here is guaranteed so we can start betting with this server without fear of scam or something like that.

Among their most popular games are roulette games, having among them:

European Roulette. This is a classic of games of chance, whether online or not. Recall that this roulette has a number from zero to 36 and we will have all kinds of combination possibilities as according to color, tens, even or odd, red or black, etc.

3D roulette. Same as European roulette but with a 3D viewing angle, for those of us who prefer to visualize the game as if we were in it.

Live Roulette. With a viewing angle similar to 3d roulette, live roulette is a favorite as we will see the dealer while we play.

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