Poker Combinations

Poker is played by 5 cards per player. The goal of the game is to make the best combination of all players. Do you succeed in it and have you used it? Then you win the pot. Which player gets the best combination and collects the best points, discover you here.

The poker combinations are listed below from best to worst:

Royal Flush

Royal FlushThese are five consecutive cards of the same kind and with the Ace as the highest card. Eg. Hearts 10, farmer, female, king, bait). The Royal Flush is the best combination in poker and is therefore very exceptional.

Straight Flush

Straight FlushFive consecutive cards of the same kind without Ace, eg clover 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. With multiple Straight Flush hands, the highest card decides.

Four of a kind of Square

Four of a kind of Square Celebrate the same cards logically of a different kind, eg hearts Ace, clover Ace, windows Ace, kick Ace. If multiple players have four or a child, decide the highest four of a child. The Four of a Kind is also an exceptional poker combination. Those with a Carré usually win the game.

Full house

Full house3 cards of the same rank combined with 2 cards of the same rank, eg three 3 and two men.


Flush5 cards of the same species, whether they are sequential, eg Shovels 3, 5, 7, Boer and Woman. Of course, many people can get a Flush as a world of poker hand. In that case, the player wins the highest card.


Straight5 consecutive cards of a different kind. Eg. Klaver 2, Spades 3, Hearts 4, Kicks 5, Klaveren 6. In some cases, a Straight can be enough to win the pot.

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind3 cards of the same rank. Eg. Three 7th.

Two Pairs

Two Pairs2 pairs, eg 2 farmers and 2 women. If the 4 cards would have been identical, it would have been a Four of a Child and thus an even higher combination. With more than two pairs, the highest pair decides. Is this identical? Then we look at the combination of the 5 the card.

One Pair

One Pair1 pair. Eg. Two farmers. With multiple players with the same One pair, without another player having a higher combination, the highest card is decided between the two players.

High Card

High Card Does any of the players have any of the above combinations? Then the highest card of the players will be decisive. Eg. 1 player has an Ace while the others have lower cards. Is the High card equal? Then the second card will decide. Is this also identical? Then look at the third card, etc.

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