Make Money Online With White Label Ebooks

With the help of White Label eBooks,  you are the owner of your own eBook within a few steps. You do not have to write the book yourself, nor pay a fortune for it. You do not have to be an expert on the subject and do not create a cover. What you do with White Label eBooks and how you make money online free , you will find in the following.


The word “white label” means white product. This means a product without a label, without brand or brand name. It is, so to speak, a raw product that you can make your own. So it is also with the White Label eBooks . You can purchase it and just add your company / brand name.

Subsequently, it is an eBook, which you can give to your prospective / reader / site visitors free of charge. The advantage is very clear, that you do not have to write or create yourself, but you have a finished product. You save a lot of time !!


Meanwhile, there is a very nice selection of White Label eBooks. Every year, it becomes more and more, which is only an advantage for you and me. The biggest niches are slimming, personality development, finance and online marketing . The entire selection of White Label eBooks can be found here:


Now, of course, some ask themselves the question of how the eBooks can actually earn money. It is not allowed to sell the eBook directly to customers. But you can still make money through a sophisticated strategy thanks to the White Label ebooks. Thats how it works:

  • Offer the eBook to your reader / potential customer as a free download. Create a chic landing page with lead pages. The landing page you have created within a few hours, also as beginners without previous knowledge.
  • Connect the entry field on your landing page with click-tip. As a result, the reader enters your e-mail list and receives the eBook automatically. Click-Tip also provides tutorials explaining the connection to lead pages.
  • The reader gets the eBook.
  • Create a funnel with more info about your niche (eg lose weight). The reader / customer has received the free e-book and is (probably) satisfied. Now it is your job to create more e-mails and send them to the reader at intervals over the autoresponder of Klick-Tipp . For example, look for a partner program that fits your topic and recommend it in the e-mails. So you can earn commissions as an affiliate . If you have your own product, you can of course recommend this.

This is a very brief guide on how to make money in connection with the White Label eBooks. Of course, this process is an expense, but only once. You can then earn money on Autopilot money on the Internet without having to do anything great.


If you want to buy a White Label eBook, then I will give you some tips on how you will have more success with it. Because it is appropriate to be something creative and to take advantage of such an eBook.

eBook Title – I recommend you to change the title of the White Label eBook. Because as you know, everyone can buy this book. If everyone offered the eBook with the same title, it would not be very original and readers would wonder why you might have read the same book twice, although there are 2 authors.

Author – You have the right to name yourself as the author of the e-book, which I recommend to you also. Let’s say you have a blog about the slimming and are perceived by your readers as an expert. Now you offer your readers free of charge, you get the e-mail address. If the reader were not reading you but someone else as an author, it would be strange, right? For this reason, you should change the author name.

Text content – It is also an advantage to re-structure the text content. So you make the eBook even more unique. If you read the eBook and realize that something important is missing for example, you can also add content.

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