How to care for your dog in the heat wave

Summer is coming to an end, but before we say goodbye, from Cremascota we want to give you some tips to take care of your dog in high temperatures .

Our canine friends are especially sensitive to heat and often suffer sudden rises in their temperature, which is known as “heat stroke” . This is common to humans, but rather more dangerous in dogs, as they do not have the ability to perspire , so we must be especially attentive, prevent and act quickly if you show any abnormal symptoms.

How to care for your dog when it is very hot

Avoid the sun

Protect your dog from the sun and try to make your resting place in the shade, especially in the hottest hours. Pets Products helps to keep your pets healthy

Refresh the environment

If you have air conditioning, your dog will enjoy it as much as you. If this is not the case, let the atmosphere at least as cool as possible: Fans, low blinds in sunny hours, wet the patio floor …

Do not exercise or go for a walk in the hottest hours

Take advantage of the coolest summer moments to go for a walk or to play with your dog, if you can get out early in the morning or late in the day.

Give plenty of water and fresh food

Hydrate your dog with fresh water and if you can cool your food. A good trick is to give him an ice cube, besides refreshing him, it will serve him to play.

Bathe and / or wet it often

A dog pool? A hose in the yard of the house? A nice bathroom at home? Either option will charm you.

Car Care

When it is very hot we must take special care not to leave our dog closed in the car, this is one of the reasons why most dogs suffer heat stroke in summer. In a few minutes, a closed space in the sun can be a hell for our pet.

Cut the hair (only in some cases)

Cutting your pet’s hair can be a good solution to make it cooler in the summer. However, you should keep in mind that not all dogs can cut their hair. If you have doubts about your case, we recommend you read our article: Should you cut your dog or cat in summer?

Symptoms of a heat stroke in dogs

The average body temperature of a dog is between 38º and 39º C. So, if you think there is any possibility that your pet is suffering a heat stroke, the first thing to do, and the sooner , will be to take the temperature to make sure it is OK. Keep in mind that especially starting at 42º C, the situation is especially dangerous.

Among the symptoms you may encounter in your pet if you have suffered a heat stroke: dizziness, gasping, feeling that the animal is breathing with difficulty, loss of balance, vomiting, diarrhea, tachycardia and in some cases loss of consciousness.

Older puppies or dogs are more vulnerable to heat stroke. Whatever the case, if you notice any of these symptoms, go without hesitation as soon as possible to a professional. A veterinarian will be able to diagnose and act on the case.

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