Bose QuietComfort 3 Headphones

Headphones come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. They are also known as headsets, stereo phones or even cans (do you remember the old tin can with a piece of string trick?), and can even be designed to fit inside your ears, when they are called earphones or earbuds.

These days we kind of take headphones for granted really, but when they first came on the scene they really made a big impact, after all, they were one of the first hands-free sets around.

You could listen to your hi-fi LOUD without disturbing your parents watching their favorite TV program (a bit embarrassing when you started to sing along to the lyrics though), you could hold telephone conversations whilst doing other work, you could even listen to music while you went out jogging and you still can. Headphones really have made a difference to our lives.

These days headphones have come a long way and are very much more sophisticated than the originals. Some of them are still only really loudspeakers which fit around your head, but some of them (for telephones) have a microphone too so that you can embark in two-way conversations.

Headphones are Everywhere

There are many different types of headphones available today, and the type of headphone you choose really depends on your needs. Portable headphones (like when you’re jogging) need to be small and lightweight, but this can mean that you have to compromise on quality of sound (not that Id hear much for all of the heavy breathing my heavy breathing that is). You can get cordless headphones (that’s clever) which connect by bluetooth or some other infrared signal, (saves you from getting the wire around your neck), and big, impressive professional looking head phones for disc jockeys and sound engineers. Singers and musicians use headphones when they are in the recording studio so that they can sing along (or play along) to a backing track. Head phones are just everywhere.

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