Forcing AdSense Advertisers To Pay More

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Time to try a very interesting topic to improve our earnings with AdSense . Let’s see how we can influence the price that advertisers pay for each click that is made on our ads, or let’s see how we can force AdSense advertisers to pay more for the clicks on their ads Within our blog and in that way increase our profits with AdSense.

Getting advertisers to pay a little more for each click can bring a very remarkable increase in profits, in some blogs I have managed to double the profits I obtained simply by applying some of the techniques I will comment on this article. We must bear in mind that if we manage to increase a few cents the average CPC (cost per click) of our site this can bring us great benefits.

Imagine, for example, that we have a web with an average CPC of $ 0.02, just increasing our CPC by two cents. We will have a CPC of $ 0.04, twice as much as before, and (if visits and CTR are maintained) we will be earning twice as much before with just applying some very simple techniques.

Let’s begin to see how we can get our AdSense ads (even the same ones) pay us more each click . First of all, remember that AdSense ads that appear on our website do so after an auction process in which different advertisers bid to place their ad on our site and the one that pays the most is the one that will appear (if it is a Image ad) or the one that will appear in a higher position (if it is a text ad). Advertisers typically set a maximum pay per click , ie a maximum price per click that they are willing to pay for their ads to appear,

Let us give an example. Four advertisers compete to appear in a block of graphic ads on branded shoes and their maximum prices are the following:

AdSense Max CPC

Advertiser 1 will suffice to pay 0.36 per click to get the first, and with that already exceeds the Advertiser 2 and that’s what you’re paying for Google AdWords (Google sitema advertising for advertisers) per click. The Advertiser 2 will be paying for finishing second, 0.26 and Advertiser 3 are paying 0.16 per click. It is very important to note this, the basic operation of the auction system in AdSense advertising to understand how we can influence the price that advertisers pay for each click of a user on your ad within our site, although I am sure That many of you,

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