Best Ideas For Good Skin


This is also a step that most people know, the step with the creams.

However, it is not so simple to find the right cream that suits you, and what has not been the case with your skin last season / year does not have to be the case this year. Your skin changes, the needs change and so the creams must also be adjusted.

What every skin always needs is moisture, we all know it’s extremely important to absorb a lot of moisture, but justĀ  drink just enough for the inside and not enough the outside . Therefore, we use all kinds of creams for our skin to hydrate it.

A lot of moisture causes your skin to not “burst” and thus less quickly age.

Do you think that because you have a greasy skin of your own that you can hit this step? NO , that’s wrong !! Make sure you walk through the previous steps and you will notice that your skin will not be so greasy and shiny soon.


The order of application

Often people also have more than 1 cream that’s right, so where do you start? It’s actually very simple, start with the most fluid, so serum / essence and build it with thicker creams, low to low, with gentle massage or dipping movements. The last thing you want is to loosen your skin by massaging too hard !!

Eye creams, Anti-wrinkle creams

If you think you should only start with anti wrinkle if you have passed 30 and the first lines are already visible then you have the FAST ERROR! You do it to prevent the lines, and do not remove them. So start as early as possible, start lightning around your 20th and from 25 you’ll really need to make more effort, because for most women this is the age that the first lines will appear.


This is an important step you should not miss in your morning best skin care routine. Otherwise, everything you’ve done for nothing.

Your best skin care must be protected ABSOLUTE from the sun’s rays. Always use sun protection, also in winter and at home (unless your home has no windows etc.).

Use after sun protection products such as BB cream, CC cream . These are all-in-1 creams with SPF: foundation and care in 1.

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