4 Tips To Use Your Ofra Makeup Base

Ofra cosmetics uk foundation is the beginning. Many times, in fact, it is the only thing that you apply to look good and camouflage imperfections.

There are 4 small tips that will make you use the ofra cosmetics uk foundation correctly and that perhaps until now you did not consider.

Choosing a good brand and product when it comes to buying the makeup base is very important. Looking at prices and recommendations of other people, are usually also other factors of choice.

But you also have to be careful and pay attention to the way you use your makeup base to get the best out of it.

Application : It is very important to know the correct way to apply the base of makeup. Based on the difference in the format of the product, liquid or compact, you can use accessories such as brushes or sponges. In the case of liquid bases, you can even use your own fingers. On the other hand, you should start from the center of the face out, extending the product very well.

Base tone : two mistakes are usually made: choose a tone more or less dark than the skin itself and choose an incorrect tone with the natural tone of the skin. In the first case, it is Base-typesadvisable to look for the tone more like the skin , as we seek to unify the tone. If you want to raise the tone of your skin, for it are the bronzing powders. In the second case, it is important to differentiate between lighter or whitish skins and brown or sallow skins. White skins should use bases with yellow or golden tones, while the more brown should be decanted by orange tones.

Imperfections : It is a very common misuse to use the ofra cosmetics uk foundation to cover imperfections. For this there are correctors, designed specifically for this. Applying more of the base to cover up granites or stains will only create a natural “mask” effect . The idea is to apply the corrector first where it is needed (dark circles, spots, marks, granites …) and then the foundation of makeup.

Do not use it for believing that it grows older : when you are young you do not usually use foundation because it is not used and the skin does not usually need it. But over the years you learn to make-up better and take more advantage of make-up products. The bases are not only a product of adult women but it is perfect for all ages . The important thing is to choose the correct format and tone for your skin and thus to unify the tone and give more light to the face.

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